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Deliver Relevance

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"...George Santayana

History, when told with relevancy, provides a foundation to study the challenges facing society today. History can be told as a marvelous tale -- stories of the past that illuminate how people and communities functioned, stirring strong memories and emotions on what it was like to live in other times and places. Learning about the complexities that people faced in difficult historical circumstances can provide valuable insight for decisions that are made in each new day.

The old adage, "history repeats itself" summarizes how over time society confronts similar challenges. If lessons from the past are ignored, society regresses -- but if they are understood and adopted, society can improve. The challenge presented is how to engage and inspire individuals to adopt and act on those lessons of the past.

We start by raising the awareness of the value of history. The careful preservation of historical facts, stories and artifacts makes the past accessible to a broad audience. Next, a direct connection must be made between the significant historical event and today's society. What in San Francisco's past can help us better assess and address the critical issues of today -- regionally, nationally and worldwide? How does history help us with healthcare or education reform? Can it help us solve issues of water scarcity, efficient energy usage, or immigration policies? On a personal level, how does history contribute identity and heritage?

The Mint Project's mix of immersive environments, participatory programs and problem-solving activities work together to answer these questions and others, by creating relevancy to each visitor's personal and professional lives.