Novaform Gel


Project Type: Consumer Product Website / Full Flash
Client: Sleep Innovations Inc. Project lead by JOMO
Technology/Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS5, Flash CS5, xml, php, and deep linking


Novaform Gel Memory Foam is one of Sleep Innovations breakthrough products. Unlike ordinary memory foam, Gel Memory Foam is infused with gel beads that gather together at pressure point to deliver the exact support your body needs exactly where it needs it.

The client needed a website that will match this state of the art product at the same time the site will serve as an online marketing tool and give customer’s way of sharing their feedback about their experience on Novaform Gel Memory Foam. Gel or bead elements also need to be integrated on the design for branding.


We have partnered with top creative agency JOMO to deliver the interactive website for Novaform Gel Memory Foam. When users browse the website they must feel the relaxing experience they get with Novaform Gel Mattress and Topper. This was achieved by delivering a design that is so easy to navigate and has the look and feel the client needs.

Customer feedback is so important for new products, so we have also integrated a customer CRM to the website.


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Chris has this incredible ability to get on your wavelength and deliver exactly what you’re looking for. He brings great creative ideas and smart design solutions.
What can I say — I’m spoiled!
Jon Iafeliece
Strategic / Creative Director, JOMO