Different clients have different needs. We vary our approach to deliver the solution that best fits a project and its timelines. With each project, we make it a commitment to deliver to our clients the perfect blend of form and function.

Web and XHTML Design

Every website is built with a custom and personal approach. Whether it’s a simple logo or a full website, we make sure that you get exactly what you expect. Here is a list of what we can provide:

  • XHTML Websites (Design and Development)
  • Logo and Identity
  • Photoshop Designs and Mockups
  • Web Banners and Headers
  • Blog Design and Setup

Flash and Multimedia

Consider taking your website to that very next level. With Flash you can add more capabilities to your site, so your customers can actually interact with your product, service, or description. In today’s web environment, simply telling people what you can do is not enough: you need to show them using interactive and engaging experiences. Here is a list of what we can provide to help you with this goal:

  • Full Flash Websites (Design and Development)
  • Flash Applications / Modules (Image Slideshow, Flash Video, Flash MP3 Player, etc.)
  • E-Learning Solutions
  • Flash Presentations
  • Flash Tours
  • Flash Animation
  • Flash Banners and Headers (For Marketing and Advertisement on Google, MSN, AOL, MySpace, etc)
  • Flash Banners and Headers (Regular)

Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing

Having a beautiful and functional website is only half of the work done when you like to consider reaching a broad audience on the web. You need to optimize your website for Google and other search engines. With millions of websites out in the wild, thousands of which can be similar to the product or service you offer, you need to find a way to land on top of the search result.

Just like a regular physical product, you also need to market your online presence to the public. This will ensure that your brand and/or service remain on people’s mind. We can help with these goals by providing:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  1. Initial Consultation & Right Keywords Selection
  2. Content Writing
  3. Link Development
  4. Stats Reporting / Google Analytics
  • Search Engine Submission
  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Marketing Banner Ads. (Click here for sample)
  • Newsletter Advertising
  • Blog Advertising and Marketing

Content Management System

When your website is up and running there are times that you need to do few to regular updates like uploading new photo on your gallery, editing your site texts, adding new events to your calendar and more. We can create a Content Management System (CMS) to help you administer and update your website. If you have questions or would like to see a demo link, just contact us.