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Why Now

The Mint Project represents the best, most organized effort to date to create a bold and viable institution dedicated to the region's history and heritage. Keeping the Mint Project on schedule will ensure that SFMHS does not miss this confluence of opportunity for revitalizing the Old Mint. With each new day, the project design is being further developed and new communities and leaders are rallying in support. Partnerships are being forged with other cultural organizations, to share artifacts, exchange ideas, drive visitation and help us make the case for the value of history.

Preservation of San Francisco Bay Area Heritage
There is a pressing need to preserve the historical and cultural DNA of San Francisco and the surrounding Bay Area. San Francisco is the only major city in the United States without a dedicated public space for this effort. While the Bay Area is home to numerous cultural institutions, there is no place that collects and shares the stories of the men and women who made the region what it is today.

A Place for Sharing Stories and Social Studies
In California, school curricula devotes less time each year to social studies due to mandated testing of other subjects. A comprehensive understanding of the past can offer important answers to the pressing issues of today, but there are few entities that fulfill this role. At the Mint, informal learning environments and activities for children and families will provide an opportunity to develop critical thinking skills, by examining the history of their city, community, and county. The Mint Project will create a dynamic new resource for learning about the past and understanding how it shapes our future.

Positive Economic Impact
Continued development of the Mint Project will create a direct stimulus of the regional economy and will deliver immediate impact in revitalizing the Mission Street corridor west of Fifth Street in downtown San Francisco. The project will create over 1,000 jobs and generate approximately $100 million in economic impact during construction and another $46 million annually during operations.

Opportunity for Cost Efficiency
Pricing for construction materials are at their lowest level in years and abundant construction manpower is available. It is a perfect time to take advantage of the market's softness and begin development. The Mint Project is less than twelve months away from being "shovel-ready" and will begin construction as financing is secured.

Orange Air Chair image, courtesy of Magis. Photo by Occhiomagico. The Air Chair, in orange, is the signature chair of Mint Plaza. Come sit on one and enjoy the day.